Why Prague Is Such A Great Place to Visit

Prague Clock Tower A trip to Europe is incomplete without a visit to what is considered its crowning glory – Prague. When the thought of visiting Europe comes to the minds of tourists, the places that immediately make place in their thoughts are Switzerland, Paris, Rome, London, and other popular European destinations. Prague or Czech Republic, for that matter, is never on their to-visit list. With a name that is reminiscent of history, culture and romance, the capital of the Czech Republic draws visitors from all over the world. The cost of flying to Prague may be a little high even if you manage to book tickets with one of the low cost airlines. However, the activities that are available free of cost once you get there more than makes up for this expense. Here are four good reasons why Prague is such a great place to visit at least once – if not more often – in a lifetime.

Historical Monuments

Right from the New Town to the Old Town of Prague and the many out-of-town locations that are well-connected by trains, Prague offers visitors an opportunity to view beautiful European architecture. The Old Town or Stare Mesto, as it is also called, is located right in the centre of Prague, and is famous for the Municipal House and Astronomical Clock. Whether it is the Lobkowicz Palace or the St. Vitus Cathedral located within the Prague Castle, the best gothic architecture is on display for free when you visit this castle that stretches over 70,000 metres. On Charles Bridge

Iconic Landmarks

The Prague Zoois said to be one of the best in Europe, and is a good place for families travellingwith kids. The well-kept spaces, the trail activities and the variety of animals you get to see make this one of the favourite destinations for tourists to Prague. Charles Bridge that connects Lesser Town with Old Town Prague areas is yet another landmark, well-known for the population of painters and musicians who enthrall tourists with their art.

Art and Culture

Prague’s National Theatreregularly has programmes that feature the best performances in drama, ballet, symphonies and opera; and a visit to one of the shows is just perfect for connoisseurs of the art. The Mucha Museum, Kafka Museum as well as the Prague Castle houseartefacts that draw praise from many an art lover. The palaces and churches of Prague often host concerts in the evening; other parts of the city offer jazz and live music performances, especially during the numerous music festivals held in the city.

Pampering your Senses

A visit to Prague can provide you an opportunity to pamper the senses and truly relax in the spirit of the vacation. The world-famous Czech beer, plum brandy and absinthe are some of the prime attractions of this city; for those who like to really live it up, the lively night life of Prague with its clubs, pubs and jazz clubs is a definite bonus. If physical and mental relaxation and rejuvenation is what you are looking for, make sure you visit the world-famous Spa at Mandarin Oriental. With it fitness centre, spa, relaxation area and saunas, this place is just right for some de-stressing. The best part about Prague is that there is so much to do both within the city and at the several places that are located a little distance away. Plan a trip to this famous European destination during the fall or the spring, and you are sure to be able to enjoy it at a leisurely pace, without having to contend with the crowds the place attracts in summer.

Hotels in Prague Accommodate All the Tourist Needs

There are many reasons to visit Prague. And the millions of tourists from around the world who visit this city throughout the year are the living proof for that. This million number is what made Prague the tourist, but also the economic center of Europe, thanks to the largest amounts of money showering city every day. That and the fact that the city as whole is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites thanks to it´s unique and intact architecture that somehow remained whole despite all the wars that plagued Europe throughout the history of mankind, is what earned the city the Beta+ level in the community of Global Cities. Nowadays Prague is directly compared only to some of the most important cities throughout not only Europe, but world itself, such are Berlin, Houston and Rome.

There are so many reasons to visit the city of Prague for.
Either it is the famous Beer Festival of Prague -
Český pivní festival – that lasts for seventeen days and where famous Czech beer can be enjoyed, or you are visiting it in order to enjoy the cuisine of Czech and Central Europe, or maybe you want to feel the spirit of Art Nuoveau, Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic or Cubist or Neo-classical era, all of them perfectly preserved in the architecture of Prague.

Whatever the reason, you surely won´t regret your staying in Prague as all of the hotels in Prague are first of all situated in the centre of the city and the centre of the life of Prague, and second of all they are all equipped with everything you may be in need of in order to find your staying in the hotel pleasant and worth remembrance, from satellite tv and topped mini bars, LCD tv set in your room, always available WiFi network, clean and equipped rooms with pleasant hotel staff at your service at any time, national cuisine offerings in the hotels´ restaurants, available pool, gym and wellness areas available as well, the Czech hoteliers are doing everything to make staying for their guests a magnificent experience.  

Top hotels in Prague

Prague is a well-known tourist destination and some Cities around the world try to emulate it. This is because Prague has a lot of attractive sites to visit and a rich culture. If you are planning to visit Prague from the United States, Australia or another foreign country, there are a lot of places to stay. It is ideal for tourists to fly into Frankfurt, stay the night and then make the 4 hour drive to this beautiful city. The cost of airfare is less expensive and will give you the flexibility to spend a little extra on a nice hotel. Here are some of the top Hotels in Prague.

Prague is a well known tourist destination and some Cities around the world try to emulate it. This is because Prague has a lot of attractive sites to visit and a rich culture. If you are planning to visit Prague, here are some of the top Hotels in Prague.

Hotel Josef

If you want to have a nice view of the City, then book one of the top floor rooms at Hotel Josef. This hotel stands at Josefov at the old Jewish quarter and it’s adjacent to the famous Parizka street. Being the only boutique hotel in the City centre, it boasts of well equipped cocktail bars and shops. Its luxurious glass built bathrooms will amaze you not forgetting the modern interiors designed by the top notch interior designer Eva Jiricna. All this luxury will cost you an average of $200 for a double.

Dum u Velky Boty

If you want to feel the intimacy of the City, then here is the place to stay. It’s located just a few minutes from the famous Charles Bridge in Mala Starana. Built in the 17th century, it has been renovated severally but still retains the ancient look and feel. It’s well furnished and has a wide array of decorations that make it stand out. You will spend $ 100 on average for a single room and enjoy breakfast for only 6 bucks.

Clown and Bard

This is an amazing place for party monsters. Known for its electrifying gigs and bar service it’s popular with young party goers as it’s also affordable. It’s a hostel where you can easily get in and out as you feel like except that stag night groups are restricted. It’s located in the Zizkov district and therefore access to the city center is easy. If you want to spend less, you can pay 10 dollars and spend the night with 32 people in a dorm. If you need some privacy a twin ensuite will cost you 30 dollars for bed and breakfast.

Hotel Options In Prague

Prague is a city with a rich history and culture as can be clearly seen it’s in architectural structures many of which date to previous centuries. This city boasts of several museums, art galleries and historical monuments. The city is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and several other spots worth visiting.


The locals here are interesting friendly and very accommodating. Prague has grown to be one of the most visited tourist locations in Europe and the tourism industry is quite impressive. Among the many places and spots that continue to thrill and delight the millions of visitors that come in each year is Prague’s list of impressive hotels ranging from 5 stars hotels to modest lodging hostels.


If you are in need of luxury accommodations, then you would be pleased with the assortment of 5 star hotels across Prague. The list of famous Prague hotels includes Hotels Kings Court, Corinthia Hotel Prague, Palace Hotel and Hotel Ambassador. You would find 5 star hotels located at various parts of the city such as located in the heart of town, hotels not far from the airport or a bit away from the middle of town. Many of the luxury hotels come with well furnished rooms and suites including well equipped spa, ballroom and business center.


For visitors on a tighter budget, there are several classy hotels that may not have 5 stars status but that still provide quality comfortable lodgings. Even the smallest budgets would still have find modest lodgings in Prague. There are even hostels where the guest gets to pay relatively low price but may have to share amenities such as toilet and bath with others. As can be clearly seen Prague has something to offer people with different tastes and budgets in the forms of various types of Hotels.


Prague also boasts of many spa hotels that have impressive spas among their amenities for luxurious relaxations of guests. Amenities in such spa hotels would include indoor pools, treatment rooms, saunas, fitness centers and many more. Example of spa hotels in Prague includes Hotel Hoffmeister Prague, Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa, Mandarin Oriental and Alchymist Grand
Hotel & Spa. 

Unrivaled Beauty of the Hotels in Prague

Prague is not only known as the very capitol of the Czech Republic, or for it´s size which earned him the place in the top 15 largest cities in the European Union, but is very famous as the Beta+ city in the whole Global City scheme because unlike the rest of the Europe Prague by some magic managed to remain almost intact during all the history of wars plaguing Europe in the past. Therefore it made the whole of the city become the UNESCO World Heritage site earning him millions of tourists throughout the year which in turn makes him also one of the important European economic cities. And that is how Prague earned it´s place in the world of Global Cities.

Not to mention the fact that one of the most beautiful compositions of classical music ever written is dedicated to very river Vltava, the city of Prague lies upon.

So, even though the city of Prague suffer very cold, harsh and long winters and summers that can be warm but are nevertheless gifted with very cold nights, due to the fact that Prague is located in the oceanic climate belt, it is still a destination for tourists throughout the year.

The hotels in which you can find your own accommodation place are situated in the centre of Prague, at least the largest number of them. They offer everything a tourist might be in need of in terms of quality in bed and breakfast area, quality service in every domain, every hotel is equipped in wifi networks so you won´t have to consider yourself to be far away from world happenings at any time. But what is important and interesting is that the hotels in Prague all very from those luxury ones, built or renovated in the spirit of luxury and modern times, all the way to the type of hotels that carry the very spirit of Prague in their Prague-like exterior and interior appearance, which makes you able to enjoy the uniqueness of Prague all the way